A Mission that Matters: Matching Military Personnel with Meaningful Work

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Veteran job search

One of the No. 1 lessons Mia Quintanilla learned from serving in the military is taking ownership of everything she does – good or bad.

It’s a lesson she uses daily in her work at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of East Valley. Mia is a registered nurse and serves as a rehabilitation liaison at the Mesa, Arizona hospital. She said the skills she learned serving in the Navy are applied consistently to her work in healthcare.

“One of the biggest things, especially with nursing and any time that you’re working with people, is taking ownership of all that you do,” she said. “You don’t shift the blame; you own it. You fix it and make it right. On day one of boot camp, even if you’re doing everything on point, your instructor might hate it. Your job is to say, ‘yes, you will fix it and to your liking.’”

It was no question to Mia that she would work in healthcare after leaving active duty service; she went to school to be a registered nurse before enlisting. However, she knows for some military personnel transitioning back to civilian life and work, the decision might not be so clear.

Each year, an estimated 250,000 men and women transition out of the military. Though they gain valuable experience while serving, many have a hard time translating those skills into civilian jobs.

In collaboration with Google Cloud and Jibe, a global recruitment software company, Encompass Health is now helping military members get back into civilian life by connecting their military experience to available jobs within the Company.

With Cloud Talent Solution’s latest feature, transitioning service members can enter their military occupation code directly into the search bar of any career site powered by Google and Jibe.

Encompass Health was one of the first companies to offer this new tool to help connect military personnel with skill-appropriate jobs when they leave the military.

Recognizing the tremendous contributions veterans have made, Cheryl Levy, Encompass Health chief human resources officer, said the Company was eager to adopt Cloud Talent Solution to make Encompass Health’s job openings discoverable by all job seekers with the right skills.

“We are honored to have many veterans already among our approximately 40,000 employees across the country,” said Levy. “By collaborating with Google and Jibe, we hope to make the job search easier on veterans by pairing the great skills they developed in the military with the skills needed for positions in our Company.”

Mia still serves in the military through the Navy Reserves, noting that her work in the military, as well as healthcare, both allow her to contribute to “a greater good.” She said she hopes more transitioning military members will make the connection and consider a career in healthcare.

“When you’re working in a hospital or any healthcare setting, you’re putting the greater good over yourself, and that’s what you’re doing when you’re serving our country,” she said. “I’m just happy for the opportunity to continue to serve.”

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