Editorial Policy

Our Connect blog is here to provide trustworthy healthcare information that is relevant to you. Whether you are interested in healthcare information for yourself, a loved one or you are a healthcare professional, at Connect, we strive to provide you information that’s helpful and useful.

As the news and information site for Encompass Health, the nation’s leading provider of inpatient rehabilitation, our clinical specialists share their expertise on this site to support an aging population as well as those who are responsible for caring for them. Our rehabilitation physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, pharmacists and more share their knowledge throughout this site to provide you with accurate and honest healthcare information.

Our Content

When determining what to publish on Connect, we look to your needs first and then see where our clinical experts can help you meet them. We focus on conditions we treat and those that lead to them, as well as healthy aging tips, using practical and easy-to-understand language. At Encompass Health, we know healthcare can be complicated and our goal is to make it less so. With a network of more than 150 hospitals nationwide and more than 30,000 employees, we also strive to help our fellow clinicians in the healthcare space, sharing best practices and thought leadership from our clinical experts.

Our Writers

Connect writers consist of skilled clinicians, which include but are not limited to, therapists, dietitians, rehabilitation physicians, pharmacists and nurses. Encompass Health content writers, which consist of experienced journalists, support our clinicians in sharing their expertise with you in an easy-to-read format.

Our Review Process

Healthcare content on our Connect blog is reviewed by a member of Encompass Health’s clinical team and is heavily vetted through legal review to ensure the most accurate information possible.