EP. 04 How to handle difficult interactions with patients ft. Liz Bilderback

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At some point, all clinicians have found themselves in the midst of a challenging interaction with patients. While it can be tempting to write these patients off as “difficult,” it is important to understand the factors that may be driving a patient’s behavior—and the clinician’s reaction. Liz Bilderback, psychosocial counselor, shares insight as to what mental struggles these patients may be facing, how to empathize with them and manage these difficult interactions, and strategies to assess your own stress levels.

About Liz Bilderback

Liz Bilderback has a master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialty in neuropsychology. She has been the coordinator of the stroke and brain injury programs at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio since it opened in 1988. Liz has a long career educating and counseling patients with depression and chronic pain.