Can AI Play a Role in Improving Patient Outcomes?

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S3 Ep 3: Can AI Play a Role in Improving Patient Outcomes? Connect with Encompass Health

Artificial intelligence is all the buzz lately, but how are healthcare providers using it to enhance patient care and outcomes? In this episode of Connect, Dayle Unger, clinical IT advisor for Encompass Health, and Andy Lueders, senior manager and lead consultant with Oracle Cerner, discuss how the two companies partnered together to create some of the first predictive analytics models in the post-acute care space. Using AI and machine learning, the models utilize data from Encompass Health’s EHR to help reduce hospital readmissions and falls while in the inpatient rehabilitation setting. They also offer insights into implementing models such as these and getting buy in from clinicians. After all, the models, they both note, are designed to support clinical decision-making, not replace it.