Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute thrives in its rookie year

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When the Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute opened its doors at 653 52nd Ave., Moline, to patients, there were high expectations. One year later, the hospital has made great strides to meet those expectations. Since it opened, the Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute has helped some 590 patients get back on their feet (with an average stay of 11 to 14 days per patient). In addition, it has hired about 120 employees and hospital officials look forward to doing more good work in the future.

One of the top lessons, hospital officials said, they have learned from the first year in business is – expect the unexpected. Angela Zaremba, CEO of Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute, predicts the facility will continue to grow and serve the community in the coming years. And the credit for that growth and success falls on the shoulders of the medical and support workers at the Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute.

In the past year, she added, there have been many success stories of patients making great recoveries after quality care. That is evident when many patients come back to the Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute as visitors. They make occasional visits to share stories of their recovery progress and tell staff members about the events of their lives.

“This group is phenomenal. It is truly a family feel. They have been incredibly kind to me in a short time,” said Ms. Zaremba, who has been the hospital CEO for about two months.

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