Pat Tuer, Northeast Regional President, Discusses Company Growth, Advice For Emerging Leaders in Podcast Interview

Pat Tuer, President of Encompass Health’s Northeast Region, was recently interviewed for Thought Leader Magazine’s podcast, which aims to share expertise from business leaders whose products or services make a real, positive impact on the world. In the podcast interview, Pat shares insights on joint venture partnerships, staffing challenges, the future of healthcare, strategic leadership approaches, and more.

In the podcast, Pat said, “[The year] 2030 is a key time in the country. At that point, all of the Baby Boomer generation will be at retirement age, which is typically the time where people need healthcare and hospital care… Encompass Health is really positioning itself to be a resource to the communities we serve and the communities we are looking to serve. We have a robust development pipeline, and a goal to open between six and 10 hospitals for the next several years. The Company is doing a great job to position ourselves to be able to deliver that care when people really need it.”

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