Man released from hospital after suffering a leg amputation during Tulsa storm

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Kevin Humphrey was released from Ascension St. Johns Rehabilitation Hospital of Owasso this morning, after suffering multiple injuries from the accident on June 18. Nearly one month ago, a man was helping a Tulsa police officer on the highway whose car was tangled in power lines. He suffered severe injuries after a woman drove through the power lines causing them to wrap around the man’s legs and drag him down the highway.

According to the employees at Ascension Saint John, Kevin Humphrey is well-known around the city of Tulsa. The rehab facility has been working with Humphrey since the accident. Kevin lost his left leg, but his spirit is as high as ever. Employees say that he was a ray of sunshine to be around during his entire recovery process at the hospital. “I was just saying that he always leaves me treats every day in my wound basket. We have this ongoing little funny thing. The New York peppermint patty. He knows I like them, so he leaves them in my basket every day”, said Hamilton.

Before he left today, she said Kevin left two on his way out of the hospital. The nurse also said he went above and beyond what they expected him to do.

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