Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota leaders discuss heart healthy cooking and stroke rehabilitation

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A healthy diet means a healthy heart. The CEO of Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota, Marcus Braz, and their Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Hunter Hying, joined Gayle Guyardo, the host of the global health and wellness show, Bloom, to share more about the benefits of rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke, while whipping up a heart healthy Turkey Chili recipe.

Encompass Health recently partnered with the American Stroke and Heart Association on “Simply Good: A cookbook for stroke survivors and their families.” For the Turkey Chili recipe and to receive a complimentary cookbook, visit EncompassHealth.com/SarasotaRehab. For more information about Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, call 941-921-8600.

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