AI and health care: Birmingham companies developing, implementing tech

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Rusty Yeager, senior vice president and chief information officer, recently spoke to the Birmingham Business Journal about Encompass Health’s plans to continue developing and implementing AI models across the national hospital system. Encompass Health began using its first AI model in 2015 with its electronic medical record partner, Cerner, and has since implemented three models. The models assist caregivers in identifying patients at risk for acute care transfer, assist in the identification of patients at risk for a hospital readmission after being discharged from their inpatient rehabilitation hospital stay, and assist in the identification of patients at risk for a fall in our inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. As for the future, Encompass Health will implement more AI in the form of developing a model to support its HR team and looking at generative AI as an adjunct aimed at easing the burdens associated with clinical documentation.

Rusty shares: “AI is already playing an important role in health care, and the future is bright; the opportunity to improve care and provide efficiencies is potentially boundless. However, we all must be cautious and separate reality from the incredible hype. Humans are creative, and computers are great with massive data, data analytics and predictive analytics and the appropriate and ethical blend of these distinct capabilities can enrich all our lives. Artificial intelligence cannot replace real human intelligence, especially clinical judgment.”

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