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Every year, Encompass Health’s Outstanding Employee Achievement Award (OEAA) program recognizes hospital employees who excel in their role, put patients first and exemplify Encompass Health values.
The process starts with each hospital naming an employee of the year. From there, a panel of regional leaders select one overall recipient from each of Encompass Health’s eight geographical operating regions. The company employs more than 36,000 people, so narrowing it down to the top eight each year is a true challenge. There is no shortage of dedicated professionals in our workforce.
Thank you to the 2022 recipients for setting the standard for their colleagues and helping make Encompass Health the trusted choice in rehabilitation. You’ll find a short summary of each recipient below. Follow Encompass Health on YouTube to see what makes each individual so special.

James Willis, Senior Maintenance Mechanic
Central region | MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital (Kansas)

James Willis keeps MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital running smoothly and looking its best. He is known not only for his tireless work ethic and knack for fixing anything, but also for his servant’s heart. After retiring from the public school system, James’s passion for serving others led him to a second maintenance career in inpatient rehabilitation. Helping patients reach their goals brings him joy and fulfillment, especially when they look for him to say goodbye before heading home. Colleagues say James embodies the “stronger together” value because of his willingness to step in and tackle any task with a smile, from managing renovations to delivering patient meals to shoveling snow. He wears many hats at the hospital—a leader, a problem-solver, a mentor, a confidant, a cheerleader and most importantly, a friend. James always makes the day a little brighter.

Mendy Bowles, CRRN, Nurse Manager
MidAtlantic region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Princeton (West Virginia)

Mendy Bowles is a nurse manager known for her consistent and thorough approach to patient care. Described as knowledgeable, compassionate and transparent, colleagues frequently come to Mendy for advice when issues or complaints arise from patients or caregivers. She is known for her quick and effortless conflict resolution skills, always ensuring the patient is satisfied with their care and equipped with the education needed to continue improving after discharge. Hospital leaders say Mendy embodies the value “Do what’s right” because her integrity is beyond measure. Mendy has a passion for improving nursing processes, ranging from charting and ACE IT to wound care coordination and patient education. Mendy earned her CRRN in 2021 and is dedicated to growing her knowledge of rehabilitation nursing to ensure she provides the best possible care.

Ashley Williams, CNA, Case Management Assistant
Northeast region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Middletown (Delaware)

To understand the definition of a team player, look no further than Ashley Williams. As a case management assistant, she always goes the extra mile to support her colleagues and learn about other departments. Since starting at Encompass Health Middletown six years ago as a rehabilitation nursing tech, Ashley has eagerly pursued growth opportunities. She was promoted to RNT VI, then worked as a unit secretary before taking a special interest in case management. She’s in her element as a CMA and is currently enrolled in school to become a certified case manager. Hospital leadership say that Ashley is calm, approachable and has a special way of connecting with patients and making them feel comfortable, contributing to their overall success during rehabilitation. In fact, many patients ask for Ashley by name after meeting her.

Kayla Peoples, CRRN, Chief Nursing Officer
South Atlantic region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Rock Hill (South Carolina)

When a patient needed clothing, Kayla Peoples was there, providing him something to wear during his stay. When the environmental services team needed assistance, Kayla stepped in. When her hospital’s chief nursing officer had to go on medical leave, she was there to fill that role, too. That’s just in her nature. At the time of receiving this recognition, Kayla was a nurse manager. She’s since been promoted to the hospital’s chief nursing officer, a role she transitioned into seamlessly. However, this is not the first promotion Kayla has received since joining the hospital as a new nurse nine years ago. Since then, she’s served as an infection preventionist, an EVS supervisor and a wound care coordinator to name a few. In addition to her many roles, she’s also expanded her education with two Master’s degrees and is currently working on her Doctorate of Nursing.

Jennifer Hutto, RN, Certified Case Manager
South Central region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Dothan (Alabama)

Jennifer Hutto is a natural caregiver. At a young age, she helped care for her grandparents and experienced firsthand the impact of compassionate clinicians on patients and families. Those early experiences inspired Jennifer to pursue a career in healthcare and shaped her empathetic approach to patient care. With a background in nursing, Jennifer easily connects across disciplines to provide patients with the resources and support they need to successfully transition home. Colleagues say she embodies the Encompass Health Way by jumping in to help with any task without hesitation. When the hospital admitted its first wave of COVID-19 patients, for example, Jennifer was among the first to volunteer. Eager to share her wealth of knowledge with others, she also serves on the hospital’s stroke team and precepts new case management hires.

David Acosta, Registered Nurse
Southeast region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Whether it’s an everyday problem or a crisis, David Acosta is someone colleagues turn to for innovative solutions. This was never more evident than in 2022, when San Juan was challenged with a hurricane followed by a national blackout. In both situations, David stepped up to ensure patient care was not interrupted, even though the hospital was without power and air-conditioning. In fact, he volunteered to work when Hurricane Fiona was making landfall and stayed on to help patients during the blackout. His swift actions during those times are a true sign of his character. It’s not just his response during an emergency, though, hospital leaders say it’s his everyday actions. He’s a STOP and spinal cord injury champion and is preparing to take the CRRN exam.

Faye Carreon, Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse
Southwest region | Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio (Texas)

Felomina “Faye” Carreon has worked for Encompass Health since the San Antonio hospital opened in 1988. Described by hospital leaders as the “go-to person” in the nursing department, Faye is a mentor to many of her peers. Faye demonstrates expertise in rehabilitation nursing as a CRRN and advocates for her fellow nurses to pursue career advancement with Encompass Health. She’s never met a stranger and goes above and beyond to create a feeling of community among her team. Faye is of Filipino descent and draws on her own experiences to form connections with international nurses and help them as they begin their careers. Faye leverages her unparalleled knowledge in the rehabilitation field to improve hospital operations, boost morale and ensure each patient receives excellent care.

Jacob Moscrip, CRRN, Wound Care Coordinator
West region | Saint Alphonsus Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (Idaho)

Jacob Moscrip has a calm and confident demeanor that comforts peers when they need it most. Colleagues say he frequently covers shifts when there is a gap in nursing coverage, helps the therapy team with fitting devices and takes time to thoroughly educate patients about their wound care. Jacob works on process improvements related to the prevention of pressure injuries, assists with quality dashboard audits, builds action plans for wound findings and helps educate nursing staff about process changes. He has even identified ways to streamline nursing documentation. Jacob is a CRRN who has grown into both the wound care coordinator and hospital educator role due to his love of learning. His enthusiasm for his job is contagious. Hospital leaders say he always has a positive attitude that draws people toward him as both a mentor and friend.

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