Why we’re adding ‘equity’ to our inclusion & diversity program

Inclusion & Diversity
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Encompass Health’s efforts to keep inclusion and diversity at the heart of our culture have been ongoing for more than a decade and we’ve come a long way. As with any initiative, growth and evolution are key to continued progress.

With that in mind, it’s time to take our program another step further. Going forward, Encompass Health’s inclusion and diversity efforts will also embody equity.

Why equity? 

Equity promotes fair treatment and access to opportunities for diverse employees in the workplace, while working to develop and promote opportunities for all employees to contribute and grow. Equity strives to identify the specific needs of employees, and by taking those needs into account, empowers all to rise to their full potential. 

It’s important to note that equity and equality are not identical. Equality is treating everyone the same, whereas equity is about treating everyone in a fair manner according to their individual needs.

As our nation continues to address social injustices, diversity, equity and inclusion is a broader representation of Encompass Health’s commitment to set the standard – for our employees, partners and patients. I look forward to what’s to come for our Company in 2021 and beyond under this enhanced program. 

See our 2020 DEI efforts

For the last four years, we have published an annual report to outline Encompass Health’s progress in the areas of inclusion and diversity. The Company’s efforts in 2020 showcased in this report do not represent a box to be checked for Encompass Health, but a constantly evolving dedication to our employees and the communities we serve.

View Encompass Health’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report.

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