Encompass Health’s I&D evolution

Inclusion & Diversity
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For more than a decade, Encompass Health has made a concerted effort to keep inclusion and diversity at the heart of our culture. From our national council to our hospital and homecare I&D committees, we have remained committed to developing our workforce, advocating for our patients, supporting the communities we serve and embracing our differences.

To close out 2020, I wanted to look back on Encompass Health’s inclusion and diversity progress over the years through a conversation with two employees who have each been with the Company more than 30 years—Joyce Shelby from Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano, who I served with during my time as a regional president based in Texas, and Scott Filler from Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Altoona, a founding member of our national I&D council. 

I’m proud of our Company’s accomplishments and look forward to continued growth.

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