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Sloan Workman, nurse supervisor, appears with Millie Rodriguez, nurse manager at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Altamonte Springs
Sloan Workman, nurse supervisor, appears with Millie Rodriguez, nurse manager at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Altamonte Springs

“Where can I go from here?” 

When Sloan Workman joined the Encompass Health team as a rehabilitation nurse tech in 2014, this thought frequently crossed her mind. Where could a nursing career take her? What specialties could she pursue? After getting her footing in the rehabilitation setting, she took action to find answers. The first step—higher education. 

Workman applied for Encompass Health’s employee tuition assistance program and received a grant to help fund her education at the University of Central Florida. Her ambition and drive to become an RN was noticed by hospital leadership. She secured a bachelor’s degree and was promoted to floor nurse.

Before long, she began filling in for the night shift nurse supervisor, helping the hospital cover the shift during absences. She practiced management skills in this position, an experience that changed her perspective.

“I didn’t know if or how I wanted to climb the nursing ladder, but when I was tasked with working as a nurse supervisor on occassion, I realized it was a job within my capabilities.” 

When you know, you know

Workman shined in the supervisor position and recently accepted the full time position of day shift nurse supervisor at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Altamonte Springs in Florida. She now spends busy days making rounds, discussing fall prevention and discharge plans with patients and ensuring that night shift staff have everything they need to continue high-quality care well into the evening.

Workman said she chose a career in rehabilitation nursing because it’s rewarding.

“We’re not an ER hospital, where patients come and go and you never hear how their stories turn out,” she said. “We spend enough time with patients to build a relationship and celebrate their progress.” 

Workman tried working for another facility prior to joining the team at Encompass Health Altamonte Springs, but something didn’t feel right. 

“Before joining this team, I didn’t feel like I had found my fit,” she said. “It’s a good match here. I enjoy this patient population. I like being a member of this team, and I appreciate how Encompass Health invests in me.” 

In 2018, Workman used a Company-sponsored program to earn her Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse certificate. She then joined her hospital’s Nurse Practice Council, a group of nurse leaders that meet to discuss ways to maintain and improve hospital protocols, patient satisfaction and employee safety. 

Still, she isn’t finished growing in her career. Workman is currently enrolled in the Nurse Practitioner program at Chamberlain University. Because of a partnership with the school and Encompass Health, Workman receives a discount on tuition fees each semester.

“It’s a big help,” she said. “I feel empowered knowing there are opportunities for me, and my employer wants me to pursue them. ” 


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