Going green at the Encompass Health Home Office

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The Encompass Health Home Office makes uses of ample windows to bring natural light indoors.
Opened in 2018, the Encompass Health Home Office is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

In April 2018, Encompass Health relocated into a new Home Office in Birmingham, Alabama. The company designed the building with a keen eye on employee needs and well being, so much so that employees were able to vote on the location and served on various committees from furniture design to equipment selection in the onsite gym.

Employees weren’t the only ones taken into consideration when planning the new Home Office. The company also wanted to be a good neighbor and steward of the environment. Below are just a few of the measures taken to make the new building more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Base building

  • Structural concrete and steel sourced locally and contains a significant amount of recycled materials
  • Building is positioned to minimize exposure to direct sunlight
  • Low-flow plumbing and high-efficiency LED lighting throughout


  • Intelligent lighting controls with time clock and occupancy sensors
  • Energy Star appliances where available
  • Low-emitting paints and adhesives

Site and landscaping

  • Site landscaping captures majority of storm water and is directed through filtration to garden and retention areas with much of it filtering back into the site
  • Walking trail surface is engineered wood fiber
  • Irrigation is low-volume dripline to start, and once established many areas will require little to no long-term irrigation
  • Plants are native and adapted non-invasive, minimizing water usage and susceptibility to pets and diseases
  • Tree placement minimize heat gain in the summer and blocks winter winds

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