Being an Inpatient Rehabilitation Nurse at Encompass Health

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We sat down with Destiny Greene, a registered nurse at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Petersburg in Virginia, and talked to her about her typical day as an inpatient rehabilitation nurse and what inspires her to make a difference for her patients. Here’s what she had to say:

Why rehabilitation nursing?

I wanted a nursing job where I got to build a relationship with my patients, not have a different patient every day. I wanted to be able to see them grow over days, weeks, months and be a part of their journey and getting them to their full level of independence.

What does your typical day look like?

Very busy. Each morning I start my day by making sure my patients receive their medication and are ready to go to therapy. I have patients with varying levels of independence recovering from a wide variety of conditions. After their therapy session, we collaborate with the therapy staff so we can continue the correct level of care to help them achieve their goals such as getting out of bed or going to the bathroom.

Because we’re with the patients from the morning to 7:30 at night, we’re working with them not only on medical needs but also working to build their confidence so they feel like they’re getting stronger. We also get the opportunity to build relationships with the patient’s families and help assure them we’re going to do all we can to help them get where they want to be when they leave.

I talk to the patients’ doctors multiple times throughout the day to keep them updated on how their patients are doing and seeing if any medications need adjustments. Collaboration allows us to keep track of the patients, see how they are progressing and make sure they are getting the best possible level of care while they are at Encompass Health.

What is your favorite part of your job?

When I have a new patient who is not able to sit up or get up to go to the bathroom or feed themselves and then having them over the couple of weeks leave here being able to see the progress they have made. Seeing them walking on their own and being able to achieve their goals is definitely my favorite part of my job.

What motivates you to come to work?

We get new patients that come in every day and you never know what is going to come in through those doors. It is challenging but challenging in a good way. I know that I am able to help someone who has gone through a tragic life event that has impacted them and their families and turned their world upside down. I want to help make a difference in their life and give them hope.

Why Encompass Health?

I have worked at another rehab facility and the main thing I love about Encompass Health is we have a great team here in nursing, rehab and all aspects. I feel like I am an integral part of a team and we really deliver compassionate care and professionalism. We do a great job all together on helping our patients regain their confidence and get back to their individual independence.