Susha Thomas, Encompass Health Physical Therapist

Susha Thomas

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director of therapy operations Cypress, Texas

Susha Thomas PT, DPT, C/NDT serves as the director of therapy operations and program chair for Parkinson’s at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Cypress. Susha is a physical therapist and has specializations in Parkinson’s and stroke rehabilitation. She received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Wayne State University, Michigan and is an active volunteer with the Houston Area Parkinson’s Society. She mentors and helps bring awareness to the disease, dispelling stigma while advocating for the Parkinson’s community. Her many years of working with Parkinson’s patients inspired Susha to jot down her techniques and strategies into a book because she realized there are many out there who have lost all hope. Her book, “Parkinson’s Disease—Reclaim Your Life—Tips to Help Manage Your Symptoms,” provides strategies for patients and caregivers to improve daily function and quality of life as well as in-depth recommendations on adaptive equipment, exercises and home modifications that can be used to improve independence with daily tasks.

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