The Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute set to begin caring for patients in August 2022

The Quad Cities Rehabilitation Institute, a joint venture between UnityPoint Health-Trinity and Encompass Health, is expected to begin caring for patients in August 2022.  The 40-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital is located at 653 52nd Avenue in Moline, Illinois.

Once the new hospital is operational, UnityPoint Health’s existing 22–bed inpatient rehabilitation unit at UnityPoint Health – Trinity Rock Island will be consolidated into the new joint venture hospital.

Dr. Albert Park, future medical director at the hospital, spoke with KWQC about the future hospital. He shares the new freestanding hospital will provide needed services in the area: “We are the only freestanding rehab hospital in the Quad Cities area. Every single inch of this [hospital] is designed with rehab in mind.. I’m really excited about some of the technology we’ll be offering at our hospital – it’s state-of-the-art and second to none in the area.” Park also described the difference between inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities: “When you think about the difference between skilled nursing facilities where a lot of rehab is currently occurring and our hospital, [we can] talk about the difference in minimum requirements. At a rehab hospital like ours, you’ll be getting three hours of therapy a day for five days a week minimum – there is no such minimum standard at a nursing facility. Other differences include the expertise and frequency of your physician visits. At our rehab hospital, you’ll be cared for and treated by a doctor who has specialized experience, expertise and training in rehab. There is no such requirement at a nursing facility.”

Listen to the interview on KWQC to learn more about the future hospital: New rehabilitation hospital in the Quad Cities opens in August (