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Jay Heiseler, Regional Vice President at Encompass Health – Home Health & Hospice, is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. Starting his career as an area manager for an independent agency, Jay quickly learned that healthcare, specifically home health and hospice, was an industry worth investing in long-term. Get to know Jay as he shares his thoughts, tips, and lessons learned while being a valued member of the Encompass Health family.

What has Encompass taught you about yourself?

My journey with Encompass has taught me that you need a great deal of help from others to help you achieve what you want to achieve. So many amazing people have contributed to my growth personally and professionally and I will never be able to thank them enough. Through Encompass, I have also learned to trust in the power of failure. I have always had a fear of failing. While this may seem a bit negative, failure has taught me as much as success has. Do not be afraid to fail; be afraid if you are not learning from failure.

What qualities do you look for in clinicians that are hoping to join Encompass Health?

A clinician who is compassionate and has a patient centered focus is a great start. Someone who thrives on providing direct patient care. A clinician who has the ability to inspire and motivate patients and peers alike, and brings a positive attitude and energy to work daily. Someone who is able to manage priorities and adapt to change well, and has a desire to continue developing as a person and clinician. Someone who places high value on customer service and has solid clinical experience and competency.

What advice would you give young professionals that are looking to grow in their career?

I find it beneficial to openly communicate your professional goals with your supervisors so they can provide guidance and ideas to help you know what steps you should take. One of the best pieces of advice I can offer is to seek out mentors that inspire you. Reach out to those mentors about your professional goals and ask for their insight. Lastly, be patient. So often, we become impatient with our current role and underestimate the importance of that role to your overall development.

What are you most proud of as a leader and why?

The impact and positive influence that you can make in the lives of others is without hesitation what makes me the most proud: empowering our team to use their knowledge, talents and gifts to accomplish their goals; seeing something in a person who does not see it in themselves and helping to nurture and coach them to achieve more than they thought possible; being strong enough to lead by example but humble enough to listen and learn how to improve every day.

How do you balance being a leader at Encompass and maintaining a healthy personal life? What do you make a priority, outside of work?

Making time for my faith and family are most important to me. Spending time with my wife and two children is what keeps me grounded. Spending our time going to sporting events, school functions, and getting together with family and friends are all-important aspects to remaining refreshed and grounded. Remaining centered in my faith helps my family and me navigate the challenges that come our way, and helps us to recognize and receive the blessing each day offers.

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