Cassica’s story: ‘I wouldn’t be me’

Stroke Success stories

Having a stroke in her mid-30s isn’t something Cassica White of Memphis, Tennessee ever thought she’d experience. 

After waking up from a nap, White felt numbness on her left side. She walked to a neighbor’s house to call her sister; and once her sister arrived, her sister realized that she had a stroke.

White, now a counselor supervisor at a local jail and a proud dog mom of two, quickly realized that she could not walk or complete basic tasks on her own.

“It hit me that I had a long way to go. I never would’ve thought it would’ve happened to me or anyone my age,” she said.

Once admitted to Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Memphis, she started making a list of goals she aimed to accomplish. One of those goals was being able to dance at her birthday party. The team at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Memphis was able to help her do just that and more. 

“I can say I’ve come a long way. I’m back at my home. I drive. I am able to walk up and down the steps at my house. I walk my dogs,” White said.

She praises the great work of her therapist Natarsha for always being creative with therapy and using it to help her improve her dexterity. 

Without inpatient rehabilitation, White doesn’t think she’d be living on her own, be back at work or taking care of her beloved dogs like she does now.

“I wouldn’t be me.”