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Meet the leaders: Kelly Nobles

Meet Kelly Nobles, Regional Director of Operations, overseeing 17 locations in Georgia. Kelly has grown with Encompass Health – Home Health & Hospice for several years; she started as a Registered Nurse Case Manager and is now in her current position as the Regional Director of Operations. Here, Kelly talks about the successes in her career journey with Encompass Health, what she does to hire the right candidates and how she maintains and prioritizes the happiness of her current employees.

What brought you to Encompass Health – Home Health & Hospice?

My passion has always been to treat patients in their own home environment. Often times, patients come home from the hospital with little to no understanding of what to do to improve their health or disease process once they actually get home. On that initial start of care visit, as a nurse you learn so much about each individual patient you are fortunate enough to treat. You are able to determine home safety needs in their own home setting and assist the patient in getting back to their prior level of functioning. In addition, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your patients and families. They depend on you and look forward to seeing their home health nurse. I cannot think of a more gratifying career, and I am so fortunate to work for Encompass Health.

What does your career path look like with Encompass Health, starting as a CFSS to where you are now?

I actually started in the field as an RN Case Manager in home health. I worked in the field for almost 2 years before coming into the office to serve as a CFSS. I served in the CFSS role for 2 years and then became the Home Health Branch Director over our Columbus, Georgia location. I was in the Branch Director role for another two years before being promoted to an Administrator and then to Regional Administrator. Currently, I am serving as a Regional Director of Operations. I oversee 17 Georgia locations. This is a new and exciting role for me, and it has most definitely been an amazing and rewarding journey. I am extremely grateful for my opportunities and that I was able to serve in each vital role within our organization. I truly believe Encompass has paved the way for my success and I hope my story is a testament to anyone out there that is searching for growth opportunities within a strong organization.

What qualities do you look for in nurses that wish to start a career at Encompass Health?

When I’m interviewing for a nurse to join our team, I’m looking for someone who wants to be a part of a family. It is vital as an organization that we seek to hire caring, compassionate and trustworthy individuals. I also seek to hire those who are flexible and show positivity and willingness to go the extra mile. In home health, it is very important to understand that flexibility works both ways. As a nurse in Home Health, you have to be able to go with the flow and seek to understand that sometimes your day can change at the drop of a hat.

What did the transition look like from being in the field treating patients to a clinical leadership role? Was there any apprehension?

I became a nurse because I love patient care.  I fell in love with home health because I loved the autonomy and flexibility of being able to treat my patients in their comfort setting.  I was hesitant coming into the office because I didn’t want to lose that passion for my work.  I realized though coming into the office, I was able to touch more patients and make a bigger difference and help not only our patients receive great care, but teach clinicians to provide the greatest of care.  It is the best of both worlds. 

How has Encompass Health shaped you into an effective leader?

Encompass Health has truly blessed me with a plethora of opportunities to become successful. I have had multiple mentorship opportunities from inspiring leaders throughout our organization. There are also multiple educational courses offered by our Education and Development Center that are available to assist in advancement and a better understanding of the processes in the changing world of Home Health. I have been very blessed with these opportunities brought before me, and I have sought out that growth and professional development to better myself as a leader within Encompass Health. 

What traits make you a successful leader within Encompass Health?

As a leader at Encompass Health, I have compassion for and understanding of all my direct reports, sales partners and clinical field staff. I work beside anyone who needs my help with their duties. I lead by example, and I would not ask my team to do something that I would not do myself. I am available to go see patients if needed, I am available to assist with back office processes as needed and I am available to accompany my sales counterparts to sell our amazing services if they need me.  I will serve alongside my team to do whatever is needed to get the job done and to provide care to as many patients as we can.

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