Marking a year of the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Our perspective
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March 11 marked one year since the World Health Organization’s official declaration of the COVID-19 crisis as a global pandemic. Despite the challenging experiences we’ve all endured over the last year, I am proud to say that Encompass Health employees nationwide stepped up to support our patients and the communities we serve. Our employees proved we are stronger together, demonstrating Encompass Health’s core value through heroic actions, creative alternatives for patient care, showing compassion toward each other and much more.

As we reflect on the impacts of the pandemic, I’d like to acknowledge how Encompass Health has supported relief efforts since March 2020.

In the past year, Encompass Health cared for thousands of COVID-19 patients treated in our hospitals and patients’ homes. Their success stories are truly the “why” behind our daily efforts. The following are some examples of why we do what we do and how we were able to help those recovering from COVID-19.

An inexplicable case

Renaldo Wall has no idea how he got COVID-19 or why he had such a severe reaction to the virus—he had no underlying conditions and at 56, was healthy, even training to run a marathon. He was in and out of a coma for 29 days, and once stable, he was weak, unable to walk and barely able to feed himself. With the help of Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson, he was able to regain his independence and return home to his wife and children.

Married couple battles COVID-19

A couple married 71 years truly overcame the odds against them in battling COVID-19. After Nellie and Charles Anness contracted the virus at a church event, they were treated for their symptoms at an acute care hospital then transferred to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital. Their love for each other coupled with intensive inpatient rehabilitation therapy for 16 days helped the couple transition back home.

Back to her beloved grandchildren

Amy Mansfield, administrator over several Encompass Health – Home Health branches in Idaho, was able to work with a patient who was in the hospital at the same time as her mother, both suffering from COVID-19. The mother lost her battle with virus, but the daughter was discharged home. During Mansfield’s visits, she set up meal delivery, so her patient could focus on her recovery at home with Encompass Health Home Health. When she started home health, she was very weak and was experiencing shortness of breath. For seven days, her care team worked on getting her lung function stronger. Since her discharge from home health, this patient has fully recovered and recently sent Mansfield a picture of her playing in the park with her grandchildren.

At Encompass Health, everyone plays a part in improving the lives of our patients, and I can’t be more thankful to all our employees for stepping up and finding ways to continue to provide that exceptional care that our hospitals and home health and hospice locations are known for during this challenging year.

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