Unique challenges when patients express caregiver preference

Inclusion & Diversity Sustainability

While America continues to seek understanding and change in response to the racial injustices across our nation, it is important to focus the conversations we started a couple weeks ago on health inequity. In some circumstances when delivering care, our clinicians face challenges purely based on their skin color.

As part of our ongoing series on inclusion and diversity, this episode of EHC Today addresses patient preferences and perspectives on what to do when those preferences are the result of discrimination. In this video, Chief Human Resources Office Tony Hernandez has a candid conversation with Vidette Forbes, Northeast regional chief nursing officer, and Kimberly Tate, home health and hospice assistant director of quality and outcomes. 

Though their stories are difficult to hear, it’s important to listen, especially in our current climate. The discrimination and mistreatment these women faced is not uncommon in healthcare. At Encompass Health, we are committed to doing our part to cultivate meaningful change in our workplaces as well as our communities.