Meet our OEAA Southwest regional winner: Nate Moyer

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When Nate Moyer graduated from high school, everyone assumed he would work in manufacturing like the rest of his family.

He did at first, but it wouldn’t take long for him to realize the everyday routine of it wasn’t for him. When an opportunity opened up at a nearby rehabilitation hospital, he decided to take it. He’s been working in healthcare ever since, moving his way up to a senior physical therapist assistant at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of City View in Fort Worth, Texas.

“This is not the career I was expected to be in,” Moyer said. “I grew up in a manufacturing family. Rehabilitation is where my niche is. It feels like home.”

His coworkers and patients alike are glad he landed in rehabilitation, where he is always searching for innovative ways to help patients in their recovery. Moyer’s drive has earned him Encompass Health’s Outstanding Employee Achievement Award for its Southwest region. Out of more than 30,000 rehabilitation hospital employees, Moyer is one of seven to receive the award.

“Nate has a unique combination of drive and compassion that helps him really connect with patients,” said Encompass Health City View CEO Janell Briscoe. “He started as a medical records clerk just to get his foot in the door. He knew he wanted to work with patients and help people get better.”

Using the Company’s tuition reimbursement program, Moyer went back to school, so he could do just that. He first became a rehab tech, and then got his license to be a PTA.

After finishing school, he began to look to other solutions to better serve his patients. He learned about tai chi and its benefits. Now he has his teaching certification in the martial art. Moyer incorporates the practice into many of his patients’ therapy sessions and also teaches community classes on the weekends.

More recently, Moyer received his certification in dry needling as a new form of pain management to offer patients.

Sheryl Moresco, director of therapy operations, said it’s his willingness to learn and innovative solutions that make Moyer the PTA of choice among staff and patients.

“Everybody wants to work with Nate,” she said. “Patients come back, and they want to work with Nate. He just creates good camaraderie.”

Whether it’s in the hospital or in the community, Moyer is always ready to take on a challenge. He and his wife Vanessa actively support the annual Moving Day for Parkinson’s disease. They are among the top fundraisers for the event in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Vanessa said moving from manufacturing to healthcare definitely changed her husband for the better, and it is where he was meant to be.

“He makes his patients want to do therapy when it needs to be done,” she said. “He can be serious when he needs to be, but tell dad jokes when needed, too. He has a great ability to be both.”