Tips for navigating your job search during COVID-19

COVID-19 Professional Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to change our daily habits. This is no different for job seekers. Job seekers can be in a competitive environment as unemployment claims have reached historic highs. Large job sites, social media networks, recruiters and hiring managers are finding creative solutions to help job seekers find the perfect role during this time. 

If you’re currently searching for a new job, you should be aware of the innovative changes introduced during COVID-19. These changes include using new job searching techniques, notifying employers about your availability, participating in virtual interviews and remaining flexible during your job search. 

When you begin your job search, you have many options in learning about open positions within your field. Job sites or networks are now providing job searchers an immediate way to know if companies are hiring. Glassdoor introduced the “Hiring Surge” signal to let job seekers know what companies have openings to fill immediately. Job seekers using Glassdoor or other large job sites can also filter and find positions that allow them to work remotely. Another unique way to search for open jobs includes hashtags. Recruiters and hiring managers are connecting with candidates by using hashtags like #nowhiring in their social media posts announcing new opportunities.

As you begin to upload your resume to companies or large job sites, you now can use certain hashtags to let employers know you are ready to start working immediately. Indeed recently introduced an easy way to alert employers about new talent by using the hashtag #readytowork. When you add this to your resume and use Indeed Resume, employers can search and filter for talent which are ready to start immediately.  

Social distancing guidelines have also impacted how candidates and employers interact during the pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, many job seekers would attend face-to-face hiring events or interviews to land that perfect position. Now, virtual experiences have been created to encourage job seeker and employer connections. Indeed launched virtual hiring events online for employers, which is much like their face-to-face events. Job seekers can learn about hiring events happening near them, RSVP to the event and attend the event virtually to protect the health and safety of the candidates and employers alike. 

In addition to the introduction of virtual hiring events, candidates should expect to participate in virtual interviews. Tools like HireVue have been used prior to COVID-19, but more employers are relying on tools like this to connect and learn more about candidates in a virtual manner. Employers are also asking candidates to be more flexible during a face-to-face interview. You may be asked to meet in a location that allows everyone to maintain a six-foot distance between each other. If you’re interviewing for a position where you physically need to work at the location, such as a hospital setting, you may be asked to take the interview outside of the location and get a tour of the site at a distance. 

During this unprecedented time, it can be stressful in searching for a job but remaining flexible and patient throughout your job search is essential. You should understand that many employers are trying to navigate these times and learn what is best for their organization in their recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes. Remaining flexible and being adaptable in these different situations could help you stand out as a candidate and land the perfect job for you. 

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