Honoring our healthcare heroes now and every day

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Honoring our healthcare heroes now and every day

One positive outcome of this pandemic is the recognition of our frontline healthcare workers during this unprecedented time.

From cheering these individuals on from a distance as they change shifts to military flyovers, these individuals have finally been acknowledged for what they truly are — heroes.

At Encompass Health, we’re proud to have these heroes among us. They are, in fact, the foundation of our very existence. At this time especially, we want to join our communities in recognizing the tremendous work our healthcare workers perform daily.

This week, we launched our Community Heroes campaign recognizing not only our Encompass Health heroes, but also all our partners in care working on the frontlines.  

It may be television or radio spots or a digital post—the message is the same: “To healthcare heroes everywhere, thank you.”

We want to make it clear now more than ever to all those working on the frontlines in our communities: you are appreciated and the work you’re doing matters now more than ever.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact our communities earlier this year, I’ve heard countless stories of employees going above and beyond to lift their patients and each other up.

These employees did this despite the incredible stress the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on them and their families.

During these difficult times, I have never been prouder to work in healthcare among real heroes, even if it’s from a distance for now.

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