If there’s one thing a pandemic can’t stop, it’s a mother’s love. From nursing bruised knees and cheering from the sidelines, to teaching new math and fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines, our moms are amazing. Which is why this Mother’s Day, we have even more reason than ever to celebrate the heroic work they do to hold us together. All it takes is a simple idea and a small act of kindness to make her day matter.

Mother’s Day gifts from the heart

Moms will tell you there’s nothing more special than receiving a homemade card from their child. It’s a gift from the heart, not the pocketbook, and only takes a hint of extra loving care to create. Still, there are lots of sentimental ways to celebrate mom, and we’ve provided a few for pondering.

Family campout

Grab the tent and sleeping bags to dream under the stars in your own backyard – or living room. Add a few roasted marshmallows, hot dogs and favorite stories of mom to the mix for an evening the whole family will never forget.

Home day spa

With current business closings, a good pampering is hard to find. Have the kids make a day spa for mom, where tiny fingers create the perfect neck massage and quiet music rests the soul. Soothe her cares away with a hot, herbal bath and scented candles for the perfect pandemic getaway.

Flowers or greenery from the yard

Using ribbon from the kitchen drawer or art box, tie together a bundle of flowers or greenery from the yard for an airy bouquet fit for a queen. Deliver with her favorite breakfast in bed or brunch on the porch for the ultimate start of the day.

Gratitude jar

Gift her with a gratitude jar full of reasons why she’s the world’s greatest mom. Reading one or two comments from the jar each morning, it’s easy to extend her special day to a month-long observance. Who knew? Happiness really can come from a jar.

Movie night

Set up for the back-porch swing or the comfy den sofa, host a movie night for mom, featuring her film of choice. Top it off with pre-show entertainment, popcorn, bottled sodas and plenty of applause, giving mom the star treatment she so richly deserves.

Picnic in the backyard

May is the month for picnicking, whether in the yard, by the lake or on the farm. Throw down a blanket and chairs, a basket full of mom’s favorite munchees and a cooler brimming with cold drinks. Depending on where you’re celebrating, add a few lawn games, swimming or fishing for the best Mother’s Day ever.

Plant a tree

Add a positive spin to the year 2020 by planting a tree to honor mom. As a gift, it becomes a happy reminder of how life evolves like a tree, growing stronger and more beautiful with each passing year. 

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