Barb Jacobsmeyer thanks employees, discusses measures in place to protect patients during COVID-19 pandemic

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Encompass Health's Barb Jacobsmeyer
Encompass Health’s Barb Jacobsmeyer, EVP, president of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spark challenges across the globe, especially in healthcare. In the post-acute sector, Encompass Health continues to provide high quality care to the communities it serves.

In this short video message, Barb Jacobsmeyer, Encompass Health’s executive vice president and president of inpatient hospitals, shares her appreciation for the Company’s employees and some of the new measures in place to protect patients during this historic pandemic.

“So many in rehabilitation know how important socialization has always been as part of a patient’s recovery,” she said. “Our goal has always been to encourage as many visitors, family and friends as possible … However, during this pandemic we’ve had to take a look at what we can really allow to happen while following CDC guidelines. A large example is visitor policy.”

During the pandemic, visitors will be limited to one primary caregiver responsible for helping the patient make a successful transition home. Encompass Health hospitals have also moved patient meals out of the cafeteria and into patient rooms. For more information on what Encompass Health is doing to protect patients during this time, visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub.

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