A Glimpse into What it’s Like to be a Rehabilitation Nurse

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* EDITOR’S NOTE: This was published prior to the pandemic and masking mandates

As a rehabilitation nurse, no two days are alike. RNs who serve in this role in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals have the opportunity to treat multiple patients of varying diagnoses through administering medication, assisting to manage pain, preparing them for therapy and so much more. Rehabilitation nurses interact with physicians, case managers, therapists and other clinicians as part of an interdisciplinary patient care team. By working with patients and families just beginning their journey in rehabilitation, nurses experience the highs and lows right alongside them, providing care and comfort twenty four hours per day. Rehabilitation nurses participate in helping patients return to their lives and communities—from encouraging patients in simple tasks such as picking up a toothbrush to celebrating with them when they are able to walk unaided 50 feet down the hallway. 


Hospitals are Busy, but Let’s Just Focus on the Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation hospitals are busy environments, much like acute care hospitals, where patients, nurses, therapists, doctors and additional staff create a vibrant active workplace. For the purposes of this video, we have removed everyone but the nurse where possible so you can concentrate on her role. The video does not cover every function of the nurse, but should spark your interest in ways that prompt questions to ask during an interview or recruitment visit. 

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