A day in the life of a rehabilitation nurse

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At the heart of every Encompass Health nurse is a commitment to provide the best rehabilitation experience possible for our patients and their families. Empowering patient outcomes, rehabilitation nurses see the patient as a whole, focusing on helping the patient and family participate in the therapies they need to prepare for life after the hospital. Nurses at Encompass Health complete assessments of patients daily covering each body system to ensure the patient is maintaining a healing trajectory. Administering medications, treatments and interventions to keep patients safe from harm are key components of the nursing staff’s role.

While no two days are alike, our nurses are motivated by making a difference, and at Encompass Health hospitals, that difference is made during every shift. Learn more about how Encompass Health is powered by nurses by following a day in the life of Francisco Linares, RN at HealthSouth Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital.

Nurse huddle meeting
When Francisco (second from left) and other incoming nursing team members arrive for their shift each morning at 6 a.m., they start with a huddle meeting, led by nurse supervisor Miriam Atendido, to discuss patients being discharged or admitted that day, preparations for any procedures taking place and general hospital announcements.
Updating patient in ACE-IT
A helpful team member, Francisco often assists newly hired nurses through their initial orientation period. Here, he works with Ayneka Crosby, RN, as she updates a patient’s chart in ACE IT.
On-site pharmacy
After a patient’s doctor gave an order for additional medication, the onsite pharmacy approved the details and sent them through the system for Ayneka and Francisco to pull from the secure medication room.
Nurse communication
Unit secretary Misty Long asks for Francisco’s opinion as she reviews changes in a patient’s vital signs. Continuous communication among staff keeps Francisco’s unit running smoothly for connected patient care.
Nurse and patient in courtyard
Patient Richard Roux asked Francisco to take him on a stroll through the hospital’s courtyard on his way to lunch.
Nurse prepping IV
Francisco shows Aneyka proper procedure for prepping an IV for a patient. The secure medication room is a great place for medication preparations and teaching moments.
Patient discharge medicine management
To help prepare a patient for discharge, Francisco records and checks all medications with which the patient should leave the hospital.
nurse lunch
Once the patient lunch rush is finished and all are comfortable in their rooms or attending afternoon therapy sessions, Francisco takes a late lunch of his own.
OT and nurse interaction
When Occupational Therapist Angela Mascioli has a concern about a patient’s blood pressure spiking, she alerts a nurse like Francisco so that measures can be taken to improve that patient’s ability to participate in the rehabilitative therapy they need to get back to the activities they love.
Nurse and wound care
Francisco often assists Wound Care Coordinator Scott Salyer with certain procedures. Here, the two apply a compression wrap to a patient’s leg to alleviate swelling.
CRRN training
As Francisco’s day winds down, he still finds time to think about next steps for his career. The hospital educator at HealthSouth Bakersfield, Leslie Moore, also happens to be an Encompass Health CRRN trainer. Francisco knows he always has the opportunity to sit down with Leslie to learn more about the company’s program to help RNs become Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses.