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Encompass Health Chief Medical Officer Lisa Charbonneau, D.O, M.S., speaks at the 2019 CMSA national conference with Dina Walker, Encompass Health’s national director of case management.

Encompass Health Chief Medical Officer Lisa Charbonneau, D.O., M.S, was a featured guest on PopHealth’s medical leaders podcast series, taking listeners through her journey to healthcare leadership and why she chose the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“During medical school when I treated patients who had a stroke, I was always really interested in what happened to them once they left the surgical floor,” Charbonneau said. “I would follow them to the rehab unit, and that’s how I got interested in rehabilitation.”

While working at New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland, Maine, Encompass Health leadership, then HealthSouth, approached Charbonneau about beginning a medical services department focused on physician education. Shortly afterward, Charbonneau assumed the role of chief medical officer.

Rehabilitation is constantly evolving, she explained, and the advances in technology happening today lead to better treatment of patients and better outcomes, and that’s what the field is all about.

“Our goal as phyiatrists is to make sure patients who survive a catastrophic illness or injury can get their lives back, and that’s what has always excited me about the field of rehabilitation,” she said.

Listen below to learn more about the field of PM&R and Charbonneau’s tips for a successful career.

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