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Working in healthcare can often be difficult, but at Encompass Health, our employees can always find a reason to smile. Meet six of our employees and one great volunteer, who focus on the positive and come to work with a smile.

Liliya Stepchuk, AS/HRD | Ludlow, MA

“My favorite part about working at Encompass Health is onboarding new team members, integrating them into our company process and teaching them about our culture. I love encouraging each employee to continue learning and growing together as a team! Working for a company with such a great culture breeds happiness!”

Wesley Hyde, Music therapist | Birmingham, AL

“I smile when a patient is rocking out on the drum set to music they haven’t heard in years, not realizing they’re using their weak side. It’s always great to see them working on their functional goals in a way that’s stimulating and fun!”

Annabel Linscomb, RN/Regional director | Austin, TX

“What makes me happy about Encompass Health – THE PEOPLE! When you work for an organization that has people who love their jobs, are engaged in the mission and care for each other and especially our patients—then it is easy to laugh and sometimes cry with them, but always you smile!”

Chad Spear, OT | Tucson, AZ

“What makes me smile on a daily basis at Encompass Health is the dedication, commitment and caring that all of our staff gives to the company and to our clients. I smile because I work for a company that values and cares for its employees. I smile because I get to see clients gain confidence and return to functioning in their own home environment.”

Bailey Flora, RN | Overland Park, KS

Bailey Flora

“Making an impact on my patients, seeing patients grow and improve from start to finish, and the family like atmosphere that I work in all make me smile!”

Ashley Lowe, Learning technology specialist | Birmingham, AL

“What makes me smile about my job is my team. I have awesome co-workers that celebrate my victories and support me when things get rough. We build each other up and encourage one another to be our best selves. In my job, I also get to use my gifts in a way that I enjoy and that allows me to see how my work is a part of the bigger picture.”

And, if our furry little friend could talk, this is what he’d say about being a hospice therapy dog …

Pinki, Therapy dog | Salt Lake City, UT

“My name is Pinki and I am a hospice therapy dog employed with Encompass Health. Although I work in hospice comforting patients and their families at a moment of loss I can smile knowing I was there for them when most needed. I ease the transition from this world for the dying and give affection to their grieving families.”

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